MIPI Camera


Software support for the MIPI Camera interface will arrive in a future BSP release.


Due to the enable signal going high before power does, the step down converter (U45) malfunctions. To fix this on the current version of the boards, depopulate U45 and connect VDD_3V3 to the VDD_MIPI rail. This does have the effect that the camera connector can only function with 3.3V cameras. It can be switched to 5V by changing which rail is shorting from, but the system can’t automatically detect the correct voltage and switching between rails and voltage levels requires a rework. Another more robust solution is to power U45 from VCC_12VIN rather than VDD_12V, that way the voltage rail is high before the enable pin.

The phyCORE-AM65x Carrier Board provides a MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI) at the X22 phyCAM camera connector. The MIPI CSI is a five-lane interface with four data lanes for a maximum bit rate of 6Gbps. The X22 connector also provides an I2C interface, GPIO for interfacing with MIPI devices, and selective voltage options for working with phyCAM cameras operating at either 5V or 3.3V.

../_images/pcm-067-mipi-cam.png ../_images/pcm-067-mipi-cam-pin1.png