The CAN module on-board the phyCORE-AM65x SOM supports both the classical CAN and Full CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) protocols. The development kit breaks out the MCAN0 (X_MCU_MCAN0) interface to the X15 header for general use. Depending on the muxing options, a second CAN interface (CAN 2.0B and CAN FD) can be made available through the expansion port X3.


This guide will walk through the basic usage of the CAN interface by transferring data to and from a host PC. In order to follow this guide you will need a CAN-USB adapter cable, the necessary driver for this adapter, and software for your host machine to display the received messages. This guide was tested and written using the following product and software:


See the end of this guide for further information regarding advanced CAN configurations.

Setup the CAN Interface

  • Connect the D-sub 9 ribbon cable to the X15 connector (red line on the cable indicates Pin 1).


Pin 1 location on phyCORE-AM65x development kit

  • Connect the PCAN-USB adapter between the host PC (USB port) and the CAN0 interface (X15) on the development kit.


Set up the Host PC with PCAN-View

  • Open PCAN-View on your host PC and select the device from the available hardware. Set the Bit rate field to 1 MBit/s and click OK.

    Connecting to the Adapter in PCAN-View


If you cannot find your device in the listed hardware, ensure that you have the correct driver installed on your host PC. You can obtain the driver online from the Downloads section here or directly here.

  • In the phyCORE-AM65x Linux console, use the following commands to set up the CAN interface and configure the bit rate. For this example 1 MBit/s is used.

    Target (Linux)
    ip link set can0 down
    ip link set can0 up type can bitrate 1000000
    ip link set can0 up

Send CAN messages

In this example you will test data transfer from the phyCORE-AM65x kit to the host PC.

  • Make sure PCAN View is open on your host PC

  • Enter the following on the phyCORE-AM65x console to send data on the CAN bus.

    Target (Linux)
    cansend can0 000#DE.AD.BE.EF.CA.FE.BA.BE
  • In PCAN-View verify that the data is correct in the “Receive” window.

Receive CAN Messages

In this example you will test data traveling in the opposite direction - from the host PC to the phyCORE-AM65x kit.

  • Enter the following command on the phyCORE-AM65x console to put the CAN interface into listening mode:

    Target (Linux)
    candump can0
  • On your host PC in PCAN-View, create a new transmit message.

  • Enter DEADBEEFCAFEBABE as the data (hex)

    Create a New Message in PCAN-View
  • Select the message. You can press the space-bar a few times to send the message more than once.

  • On the phyCORE-AM65x console you should see that the message has been received.

Expected Output
root@am65xx-phycore-kit:~# candump can0
can0  000   [8]  DE AD BE ED CA FE BA BE
  • To exit listening mode on the phyCORE-AM65x enter Ctrl + C to stop candump.

Advanced CAN References

CAN Jumper Configurations

Reference Designator

Jumper Settings




Remove 120Ω termination between X_CAN0H and X_CAN0L


Closed (Default)

Add 120Ω termination between X_CAN0H and X_CAN0L

X15 Pin Breakdown 9 Pin (Male) D-Sub Adapter


The adapter cable included with the phyCORE-AM65x development kit does not have the same numbering scheme as the pins at the header X15.