The phyCORE-AM65x Carrier Board provides fan connectivity via a 2-pin Hirose connector at X28. The fan is intended to be mounted directly to the processor heat sink for thermal management, both of which are included in the phyCORE-AM65x development kit. The 5V power supplied to the X28 connector is regulated from the VDD_12V0 power rail through an LP3878-ADJ regulator at U40. The regulated 5V output is enabled by driving X_GPIO1_49 high. When X_GPIO1_49 is pulled low, the 5V supplied to the fan connector will be turned off. The default behavior of the phyCORE-AM65x is to keep the fan running at all times.

phyCORE-AM65x Fan Location


The phyCORE-AM65x development kit does include a heat sink and fan. The below is the fan tested on the PHYTEC hardware:




Heat Sink

(25mmx25mmx6.35mm) with thermal tape

Digikey link (heat sink)


DC axial fan, 25mm square x 10mm

Digikey link (fan)

Female Connector

2 pin keyed header

Digikey link (female connector)

Crimping Terminals

2x crimping jackets

Digikey link