An Octal Serial Peripheral Interface (OSPI) Flash is populated on the SOM as a programmable nonvolatile storage. The OSPI Flash can be used for a fast boot. This guide will walk through how to flash the SOM’s OSPI via U-boot, followed by booting from OSPI. For more information on OSPI, please see section 6.1.4 in the phyCORE-AM62Ax Hardware Manual.

Flashing the OSPI Flash is detailed in its dedicated chapter, referenced as Flashing the SPI NOR Flash.

Boot from OSPI

The phyCORE-AM62Ax development kit is configured to boot from an SD Card slot by default. This guide will serve to provide basic steps for booting from the SOM’s onboard OSPI flash memory after it has been flashed.

  • Keep the bootable SD card inserted in the kit.

    This is kept in during booting due to OSPI’s limit space. The SD card contains the kernel and root filesystem for the BSP image; OSPI currently contains the bootloader.

  • S7 should be ON

../_images/pb-07124_boot-ospi.png phyCORE-AM62Ax Boot Switches


Be mindful of the switch orientation!

  • Once you boot, in order to populate the /dev directory, you must run the following command. Once /dev is populated, you can write to the eMMC.

    Target (Linux)
    mount -t devtmpfs udev /dev