Pre-Built Binaries


The pre-built binaries available for download on this page reflect the default phyCORE-AM62Ax Development Kit configuration: TBD

For a complete view of all available pre-built images please visit PHYTEC’s download server:


For an overview of all SOM/Development Kit configurations supported in this Release, checkout the BSP-Yocto-Ampliphy-AM62Ax-PD23.1.1.

Download Link for the Complete, Prebuilt SD Card Image

Download the SD Card Image - phytec-qt5demo-image-phyboard-lyra-am62axx-2.wic.xz

You’ll need the .wic.bmap file to flash SD Cards using the bmaptool utility.


The files below are already contained within the SD Card Image. When the SD Card image is flashed to a disk; the first partition is a boot partition containing the U-Boot Bootloader and Linux kernel binaries, and the second is the root partition containing everything else.

Download Links for Individual Pre-Built Image Components

Download the First Stage Bootloader - tiboot3.bin

Download the Second Stage Bootloader - tispl.bin

Download the Primary Bootloader - u-boot.img

Download the Root Filesystem - phytec-qt5demo-image-phyboard-lyra-am62axx-2.tar.xz


The kernel (Image), device tree blob (dtb), and device tree overlays below are included in the Root Filesystem (/boot directory of the root partition) by default.

Download the Linux Kernel Image - Image

Download the Default Linux Device Tree - k3-am62a7-phyboard-lyra-rdk.dtb

For any technical questions, feel free to reach out to PHYTEC’s Support Portal!