Pre-Built Binaries


The pre-built binaries available for download on this page reflect the default phyCORE-AM64x Development Kit configuration: KPB-07225-002.A0

For a complete view of all available pre-built images please visit PHYTEC’s download server:


For an overview of all SOM/Development Kit configurations supported in this Release, checkout the Release Notes.

Download Link for the Complete, Prebuilt SD Card Image

Download the SD Card Image - phytec-headless-image-phyboard-electra-am64xx-2.wic.xz

You’ll need the .wic.bmap file to flash SD Cards using the bmaptool utility.

Download the SD Card bmap - phytec-headless-image-phyboard-electra-am64xx-2.wic.bmap


The files below are already contained within the SD Card Image. When the SD Card image is flashed to a disk; the first partition is a boot partition containing the U-Boot Bootloader and Linux kernel binaries, and the second is the root partition containing everything else.

Download Links for Individual Pre-Built Image Components

Download the First Stage Bootloader - tiboot3.bin

Download the Second Stage Bootloader - tispl.bin

Download the Primary Bootloader - u-boot.img

Download the Root Filesystem - phytec-headless-image-phyboard-electra-am64xx-2.tar.xz


The kernel (Image), device tree blob (dtb), and device tree overlays below are included in the Root Filesystem (/boot directory of the root partition) by default.

Download the Linux Kernel Image - Image

Download the Default Linux Device Tree - k3-am642-phyboard-electra-rdk.dtb

For any technical questions, feel free to reach out to PHYTEC’s Support Portal!