Technical documentation and resources for the phyCORE-RT1170 System on Module.

When beginning to consider the phyCORE-RT1170 SOM as a part of your system design, it can be a little difficult to know where to start. Here is a suggested work flow:

  • Work through the FreeRTOS Development to setup your work environment and gain access to phyCORE-RT1170 specific SDK

  • Look at the Quickstart first to boot the development kit and then head over to Interface Guides to help you exercise the hardware. Depending on your system requirements, this might be all you need to begin scripting and developing the basic functionality of your system directly on the target.

  • The Booting Essentials guides will help to boot from other boot sources.

  • If you are ready to begin writing custom applications on your target hardware, checkout the Application Development guides to help you get your projects started.

  • Since our SDK comes with a limited set of application, 3rd Party Integration describes how to integrate 3rd-Party tools.