The phyCORE-AM62x supports one 24-bit RGB parallel video output (VOUT) that can be used with Parallel MIPI DPI 2.0 (Digital Pixel Interface) or BT.656/BT.1120 interface. This guide demostrate how to verify the HDMI connection between the phyCORE-AM62x development kit and a monitor with an HDMI port. For more information on HDMI, please see section 8 in the Hardware Manual.



Setup the HDMI Display

  • Power off and remove the power supply from the development kit.

Target (Linux)
  • Connect the HDMI display to X45 and to the HDMI montior.

  • Power on the development kit. As the board is booting, 4x Tux the penguins should appear, followed by a PHYTEC logo with a loading bar and finally a “Multitouch” qtdemo should show on the screen.


  1. If the OLDI display overlay is enabled on the development kit, the HDMI screen will only load up to the PHYTEC loading bar screen. This issue arises because the qtdemo defaults to the OLDI display as the main device.

  2. The qtdemo can be interated with on a montior by plugging a keyboard or mouse usb hub into the development kit.

Display a test image

  • Stop the qtdemo. After running the command below the HDMI screen should switch from displaying the qtdemo to showing the Linux termainl login.

Target (Linux)
systemctl stop phytec-qtdemo
  • Run the following command to run the HDMI test.

Target (Linux)
Expected Output
root@phyboard-lyra-am62xx-2:~# fbtest
Using drawops cfb32 (32 bpp packed pixels)
Available visuals:
  Grayscale 256
  Truecolor 8:8:8:0
Using visops truecolor
Running all tests
test001: PASSED
test002: PASSED
test004: PASSED
test006: PASSED
test008: PASSED
test009: PASSED
phyCORE-AM62x HDMI Test 1 phyCORE-AM62x HDMI Test 2 phyCORE-AM62x HDMI Test 4 phyCORE-AM62x HDMI Test 6 phyCORE-AM62x HDMI Test 8 phyCORE-AM62x HDMI Test 9